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“We are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared us to do.”

God has equipped us with the right tools to do good things in life to

which He calls us to do. Use those gifts and visions you have to serve others while following our

Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

(Ephesians 2:10)


AMEN is an Apprenticeship Intermediary Assistance Organization. Our organization is Christian based and designed to help young adults gain knowledge and a skilled trade through our Apprenticeship Matching Program. AMEN is dedicated to mentoring and strengthening individuals through our leader-based workshops. 

  • Providing Career Path guidance
  • Individualized Profile 
  • Focusing on diversity and inclusion

 Apprenticeships overall help to reduce poverty, create happiness within one self and families. It also begins to create a domino effect that goes on from generation to generation of learning and working. College, Military is not for you? Lets move into what many have said is unique and the beginning of a movement that will lead our younger generation into the workforce successfully.  That is why AMEN's program is designed to assist those individuals in overcoming obstacles and reaching that success.  Allow AMEN to navigate  a personal plan road map for your future.


AMEN offers an opportunity for individuals to choose a career path, acquire knowledge and a skill trade, while they EARN and LEARN.. The workforce needs skilled trade positions to be filled by trained and knowledgeable workers. Linking individuals with an apprenticeship can make that happen.  

Our program includes 

  • Skills Assessments 
  • Professional Profile 
  • Interview Training
  • Money Management
  • Resume Writing 
  • Mentorship 

Other services offered are AMEN's Closet, case management, transportation assistance, and
mentoring services: if requested by participant.

Amen's Closet

Case Management

Transportation Assistance

Praise Reports

  • "I was sooo worried I would not be accepted into the program but everyone made me feel so welcomed. I love this opportunity..."
    Kayla Sanders
  • "I did it!!! Thanks so much AMEN. This was my alternative to life in the streets... "
    Joseph Marshall
  • "I was accepted into the program and I am pleased with the care and dedication of the staff members to help me succeed. I looked forward to my destiny..."
    Michael Harrison
    Happy Student

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We must think differently on how we educate and mentor our youth. We want families to stop struggling, working low paying unskilled jobs, and obtain success and wealth. 

Darlene Drummer--Regional Director

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